Good Evening friends, 


I am RAVI so friend i am getting your lot of queries how to sale luna. We are not seeing Luna on Wazirx, Coindcx. I have already made one video with you. So let me start video with disclaimer. Crypto currency is subject to market risk, do your own research. So let come to the point and discuss. Now lot investors /traders are angry. Why Binance has suspended deposit and withdrawals. So we are not able to withdrawal from any exchange. Before that at least we were able to trade. The main reason is behind suspended is validators. Luna validators have shut down entire network. So if network will not work then how transfer will work ? If node will not work then transfer will not work, That's why exchange deposit and withdrawal suspended. After delisting we will have trust wallet and metamask option We can transfer there. If luna team will not start nodes then luna coin value will be 0. After CZ tweet we may expect some positive move . Binance CEO very disappointed with LUNA team. So you will get transfer option after Luna node start in almost all exchanges. We should wait for network enabled so that we can start our transfer. Right now  if we will transfer on any wallet then we will not get any value. You have not to worry about transfer. Before that luna was trading against BUSD pair. Right now BUSD pair also removed. So trading is completed suspended. Right now luna coin team is increasing supply. This is  the main reason  for trading suspend. There might be possibility exchange will never enable trading in LUNA, still we  will have  option for TRANSFER. Right now no need to transfer any coins.

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