3 Ways to Fix Unsupported Audio-Video Codec Issues on Android



Hello guys. we are going to
learn the three ways to fix unsupported audio-video
codec issues on Android device. The first
method is the quickest, and it requires a
third-party app while the other two methods
take longer time, but you will not need any
third party application to play the videos.
Now if you want to learn, what a codec is
and why it happens on your phone, then check
out my article. The link is in the description
and in the card menu.
I have a video with .mkv extension and the
default video player can't support the audio.
I might mute the audio for copyright issues
but the methods are proven to work.
So, let's begin.

The first method is downloading VLC Media
Player. VLC supports a vast number of extensions,
and if you want to play videos on your phone,
I'll highly recommend installing VLC and playing
videos on that one.
In the second method we will be using a third
party app, but not for playing the videos.
I'm going to use a converter app to convert
the video. The link for the Video Converter
app is in the description. The video shows
how to select the proper format to convert
and play videos on Android phone.
After opening Video Converter, tap on left
panel and tap on "Home edit". On the screen
tap on the first button which is "Convert
AVI, MP4" and so on. Tap on the video or tap
on Browse if you can't find the video. Locate
the video in the files menu and open it.
On the screen tap on the next button in the
below corner. The next screen is for output.
You can select the extension you want down
the below, or tap on Android and it will take
care for the rest. Make sure you select "Slow,
Best Quality" if you want the video in the
best quality possible. For the audio format,
you can leave it as AAC or change it to MP3.

Once all done, tap on the next button. Tap
on next in the final step. The video will
begin converting. It would take some time
depending on the video. Once all done, you
will be able to find the video in a folder
next to the original video.
The third step involves downloading a converter
on the PC. There are many free converters
available. Before we move further let me clear
one thing that I'm not promoting any app or
software in this video. Freemake Video Converter
is free software, and I will show how to convert
the video. You can use any other software.
You can also check out my article on top free
video converters for PC. The process is the
same in most of the software. Anyway, let's
move and see how it works. Click on the video
button and select the video you want to convert.
Click on MP4 from the list. The next screen
is for output source and folder. Click on
"Convert". The software shows a watermark
right on the screen. If you want to remove,
then you can get the full version. If you
are okay with watermark, then ignore the warnings.
Again, to see the excellent video converters
check out my article.
The video will take some time to convert.
Once it's converted you will be able to play.
I'll show you how the watermark is visible.

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