HDFC Bank Home Loan


 HDFC Bank Home Loan

Friends you are from HDFC Bank How to take home loan in both way online and offline do you know if you are a farmer Still, You Can Take Home Loan From HDFC.
What documents do you need to get a home loan And by following what terms and conditions  You may be eligible to take a Home Loan from HDFC Bank if you are eligible So what is the maximum amount of home loan you can get to pay back that Home loan amount how many months will you get and the most important thing is After taking the loan, what percentage of interest will you have to pay on the loan amount? And what extra charges will have to be paid We will also know this let's know before we talk Why did we take a home loan from HDFC Bank? What are its benefits? The benefits are first With HDFC you can get a home loan with low interest rate Starting Interest Rate in HDFC Home Loan is 6.75% per annum second benefits If you take a home loan in the name of a woman from HDFC So in that, you also get a discount of 0.05% in the interest rate Third benefits Army Group, ie Indian Army Employee AGIF facilities are given here Which is only for Indian Army Employee Fourth benefits Its EMI tenure is also flexible Here you can get up to 30 years for a maximum repayment That is, you get time up to 40 years to repay the loan amount Fifth benefits In Home Loan.

 There are many types of Home Loan Which are suite according to the customers Like:

Home Loan for Resident indian,Home Loan for Buying a new plot,Home Loan for indians earnning rs.10000/month.There are other types of similar home loans in HDFC Bank

Due to which Customers can avail loans according to their needs That is, if you want to buy a new plot Will he take a home loan with New plot? So that they will get some special facility here and together Here multiple options are also available for making repayment Which customers can choose according to their own There are many more similar benefits of HDFC Bank Home Loan If you want to know about all the benefits 

In other documents, you have to provide identity proof and address proof here Which documents can you give under these two documents? Its list has been given to you in the description 3rd Here you have to give bank statement of last 6 monthsand fourth A cheque has to be given to get the processing fee Now let's talk about income documents In which agriculturists, Salaried person & Self-employed.

All three have to give different documents If you are a salaried person then you have to provide latest salary slip And form 16 has to be filed and given If you are a self employed So you have to give the Educators Qualification Certificate and Proof of Business here That is, you have to give proof that you do business And also you have to give educational certificate Second Here you have to give a copy of the Income Tax Return of the last 3 years with and Profit and Loss Account for the last 3 years and provide balance sheet same if you are an agriculturist Then, whatever land you haveReflecting it, a copy of it has to be given. Second, whatever farming are you doing now how much landYou have to give a copy of the land papers showing that Third If you already have a loan So you have to give a copy of the statement of how you are doing its repayment So all these documents will also be shown to you on the screen.

Apart from this, documents differ bank to bank wise If you live in rural area then more documents may be taken from you If you live in an urban area, then less documents should be taken there font-size: large;">Now it comes to the maximum amount of home loan you can get from HDFC Friends, it depends how much your salary is Like if you look at the example If your salary is 25000 per month Then you can take loan up to Rs.13,15,160 here 

And here your Monthly Emmy will be of 10000 if you want to calculate it.

How much is your income and according to that how much loan?

Here is given calculator In which Gross Income is asked first Here you have to fill your income according to this line And accordingly, you will know here What is the maximum loan amount you can get And also below you can select EMI Tenure that you need so many months when you select emitenure So it will also be told to you here below That's how much amount of EMI In this way you can calculate according to your salary How much home loan can you get This loan amount also depends on your CIBIL score If your CIBIL score is bad Then you will be approved less loan amount here If you are worse off, you may not even get a loan So if you do not know about CIBIL Score or your cibil score is bad So in the description, there is a link to a dedicated video of CIBIL Score you see that video With this you will get all the information about CIBIL score.


Then you will be able to improve your CIBIL score very easily So now it comes that if you want to take a Home loan So how do you get a home loan.

If your account is already in HDFC Bank Then you can use account number here Same if you use netbanking So you will also have id and password you can use it here And if you are a new customer Not Existing Customer Of HDFC you can apply for a loan here using Signup Same if you only want to check that Are you eligible to take a loan or not?

Then your eligibility will be checked on the basis of your pan card And then you will also be eligible for the loan amount You will get the message on your registered mobile number And from there you will know that you can take this much loan Then you will also get a call from HDFC Bank Which will tell you the whole process ahead.

You can get Home Loan from HDFC Bank by applying online.

Now let's talk about offline You do not have to do much to take an offline loan Normally wherever near you is the HDFC Bank you have to go there Tell them that you want to take HDFC Home Loan Rest you have to give your full details.

Then they will tell you almost everything about home loan After telling then if you want to apply then they will give you a form that you have to fill After filling the form, whatever documents we have mentioned in the action containing the documents.

You have to attach a copy of them with the FOPM Then at the same counter you have to submit that form They will check your form as soon as you submit the form And then whatever documents you have used there Will ask for original copy of all of them Then after verifying the original copy, they will return your original documents immediately after that in 1-2 days Your home loan will be approved And the loan amount will be dispensed in your given bank account So in this way you can get home loan from offline bank. Now it comes that after taking home loan.


What percentage of interest will you have to pay here? And how many months will be available to repay the home loan amount.

Here friends from HDFC Bank Starting interest rate is 65% And you can get maximum time of 30 years to repay the loan amount here if you want to know You will be charged the maximum percentage of interest so guys let me tell you These interest rate charges keep on changing.

Because from there you will get to know about the updated interest rate Now it comes that after taking home loan from HDFC Bank What extra charges do you have to pay First of all you have to pay processing fee in extra charges Which if you are a salaried or self employed individual So here you have to pay 0.5% of the loan amount Which should be minimum 3000 or more Even if there are less than 3000 you have to buy 3000 only Same if you are a self employed professional Then you have to pay 1.5% of the loan amount as processing fee And this 1.5% if 4500 or more then you have to pay If less than 4500

Even then you have to pay only 4500 as processing fee. Similarly prepayment charges List of Documents Photocopy of Documents There are many more such charges.


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