In cryptocurrency

attention all cardano holders this is

your warning there's a specific date

coming up which will be the best yet

worst day if you hold cardano in today's

Post i'm going to give you all the

on in the cryptocurrency market and

that's exactly what we're doing today

january 20th 2022 will be a pivotal day

for cardano holders cardano enthusiasts

and anyone connected to the cardano

ecosystem in crypto you're

already aware that in 2021 cardano

upgraded to become fully smart contract

capable well today near the beginning of

2022 one of the first dapps launches on

cardano it's called sunday swap a

decentralized trading protocol on

cardano sunday swap is a native scalable

decentralized exchange and automated

liquidity provision protocol think of

this like a uniswap think of this

as the beginning of cardano's foray into

d5 into dapps into nfts and of course at

the middle of it all is sunday swap a

uniswap like

automated market maker decentralized

exchange as charles hoskinson says

congratulations to the sunday team and

ecosystem it was a long and hard road

for them also many more cardano dapps

coming online this quarter to look

forward to

this will be the best yet worst day for

cardano holders or at least it could be

pay attention let me explain why

thoughts on sunday swap cardano's first


i believe the sunday swap launch will be

the so far

greatest yet worst day for cardano it

will be the greatest because this will

be the first time when a wider audience

gets access to defy on cardano it's

going to be absolutely wild to see that


worst because it will bring cardano to

its current maximum in terms of scale


don't fool yourself the cardano mainnet

cannot handle the coming amount of

transactions in an acceptable way yet

let me know what you think about this in

the comments section below

we have a clear road map of how to get

there but we are not there yet

think about it in the last 24 hours

we've had a consistent 82 percent load

on the chain and this is without sunday


we've seen time and time again that

simple nft launches can lead to a lot of

congestion on the chain slowing down

transaction times and leading to really

bad user experiences

and this is without sunday swap

so my personal hypothesis is that on

thursday instead of celebrating the

success of sunday swap cardano's first

decks a lot of news outlets and

outsiders will focus on the scalability

of cardano and how it can't hold up yet

this will lead to one of the biggest

controversies that we've ever seen in

this space

if you don't believe me ask yourself why

did iohk post this article just before

the sunday launch or why did sunday swap

write this article a week ago

these articles are how were scaling

cardano in 2022 from input output and

expectations congestion and mainnet

launch from sunday swap labs

they're trying to prepare us for what's

coming and honestly cardano holders

we're still not prepared it's going to

be an absolute s storm and we'll see

more fought towards cardano than ever

more hate towards cardano than ever

receive more criticism and be ridiculed

by more people in short it will be a

hard time for the cardano community

cardano community comment your thoughts

to this in the comments section below

so what do we do

what do we do guys what do we do

we educate

we show people the iohk article

mentioned above tell them about hydra

about milk omeda and about all the

things that are coming make clear that

this is only temporary be prepared don't

let the hate get to you

so to sum up don't be afraid celebrate

the launch of sunday swap on thursday

and let's look forward to a bright

future for cardano oh and if you think

this is fud well then so be it so be it

live in your bubble at altcoin daily we

try to provide you with the whole


this is why you subscribe and with that

being said let's go through some of this

article and talk about how cardano is

scaling in 2022 before we get to that my

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how is cardano scaling in 2022 well with

core smart contract capabilities now

deployed the next phase for cardano

focuses on performance optimization and

scaling and it starts right here so

again i encourage you to seek this

article out for yourself make your own

decisions do your own research but some

of the things that you can look forward

to with cardano scaling in 2022 let's

talk about on-chain solutions and then

we'll talk about off-chain solutions

on-chain scaling solutions block size

increase the bigger the block the more

transactions it can carry block size was

recently increased

from 8 kilobytes to 72 kilobytes a 12.5

percent increase further increases will

be applied over time based on ongoing

system monitoring and overall network

health next on chain solution pipelining

improves block propagation times by

coalescing validation and propagation

the goal is for blocks to be propagated

to at least 95 percent of peers within

five seconds by reducing the dead time

between blocks the block propagation

overhead this provides the headroom to

make more aggressive scaling changes

such as increasing block size increasing

plutus parameter limits

input endorsers memory cpu parameters

for plutus plutus script enhancements

node enhancements as in water node

enhancements improvements will help even

distribution of stake and reward

computations across the epochs thus

providing greater headroom for block

size increases also memory usage is now

more efficient to go further on disk

storage and then we have off-chain

solutions so there's on-chain solutions

and there's off-chain solutions

off-chain solutions we've seen some of

this stuff before side chains



computing mithril

to achieve greater scalability you need

to address the complexity of critical

operations that depend

logarithmically on the number of

participants mithril will improve chain

synchronization while maintaining trust

the result

multi-signature aggregation that is fast

and efficient without compromising

security features and these are the 11

ways that cardano is scaling in 2022

now the good thing about all of this

is that cardano can stand on the

shoulders of giants ethereum has made a

lot of mistakes scaling bitcoin has been

slow to scale

and plenty of other protocols besides

that cardano can look at all of those

and take the good ideas and recognize

the bad ideas and scale more efficiently

in 2022.

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