MIUI 13 First Look & Hands On Feat. Xiaomi 12⚡Top 7 Features Of MIUI 13

MIUI13 has been launched, the Xiaomi 12 series phones have this version out of the box which has launched in china
We did the unboxing of the same, watch it if you haven't
In this video we are going to talk about the changes in MIUI13 when you compare it with MIUI12 & 12.5
The updates in the MIUI13 are minor, not much major changes are noticed, but in some regions you notice
Something new, watch the video till end because i am going to tell you the roadmap of which phone
Will be having this update & also the features i liked, there were a lot of bugs in the MIUI12 & 12.5 update
Let's see if MIUI13 has them, now let's talk about the design first

Xiaomi has launched its independent font named MiSans, & i liked it, it is available in English and Chinese as well

You'll like the way it looks

New dynamic widgets have been added too, they were there earlier too but now they're dynamic

If it is raining then the widget will actually show it raining

Reminder widgets are a new addition that can remind you to drink water etc

50 new wallpapers have been added, but some wallpapers are really impressive

For eg the blooming wallpaper when you unlock the phone it will actually show flowers blooming

They've claimed that these wallpapers have been shot in 8K time-lapse and have been converted into wallpaper

I'm not sure about the privacy feature whether it will launch in India, but the Chinese variants have them

Normally in face unlock it only captures your face so if you have a twin they might be able to unlock it too

But in this update, it also reads your bodily features above the waist, so the privacy has increased

I have not tried it but I'm hoping only one twin can unlock the phone

In fraud protection, when you visit a website or download an app that might have malware

So they have created a special database through which they match the data and aware of the malware

And this feature is inbuilt in MIUI13

I'll be interested to see how they actually implement this if it comes in India

The private watermark feature might be available in India, in this feature when you send sensitive information

Like documents or your ID which it will watermark automatically so that they don't misuse the information

So the receiver will receive the documents with a watermark, i personally liked this feature

I am unable to show all this in B-rolls because the variant we have is not a stable built, the stable version will have these features

There has been an improvement in the performance

In 3rd party apps, in MIUi13 they have reduced the frame drops by 52%, and 23% in native apps

For the connected features there should be the whole ecosystem of Xiaomi like the TV, Mi home etc

But if you have the whole ecosystem, there's a good feature in which you can watch videos on TV

That you watch on your phone, you can drag the icon on TV and it'll pop up on your TV

You can also listen to music on Mi home with just a drag

The feature is called Mi Magic Centre, there's no magic in this smartness for sure

So personally when i compare this with MIUI12 the privacy and performance are brilliant & a lot bugs

Have been worked upon with a performance boost

One thing i noticed in Xiaomi 12 was they do not send ads of the system apps

Already the Xiaomi has a lot of 3rd party apps, so it'll be interesting to watch if the ads reduce at all when it comes it India

Let's talk about who will get the first batch of MIUI 13 if you have a phone from 11 series and Xiaomi 12

You'll get the MIUI 13 at priority by Jan end or Feb first week

Talking about the first quarter of the year Jan, Feb & March, along with the 11 series you'll also get if you have Mi pad

And along with the Redmi 10 & 8 series is also eligible, so in the first quarter it'll be Xiaomi 12 and 11

Along with Redmi 10 & 8 series, and in the 2nd and 3rd quarter the rest will get the phone

So i hope they dont waste time on the early access versions they should fix the bugs right away And roll the phones.

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