Best Cryptocurrency for Long Term Investment 2022 | 100X Altcoins 🔥

Hello friends, today I am going to share an investment related strategy with you

 through which you can easily make your money 10x 20x 30x

You hardly need to invest 1000 rupees only

and you will invest that 1000 Rs through such a way, through such strategy

that it can go by giving you ten times and twenty times profit

What is such a strategy, what am I talking about?

I will discuss step by step in this video

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So the strategy I am talking about is named SIP

Systematic Investment Plan

through systematic investment plan What you have to do is

that you have to invest in a systematic way

In your favorite altcoins

Altcoins in which you see potential

Those altcoins whose future looks bright to you

I will tell you some altcoins in this video also

But now let's focus on our strategy

so through SIP you have decided that

you will put only 1000 rupees inside these altcoins

And when you have to put that 1000 Rs

whenever you see inside the market deep

Whenever you see your favorite coin in the dip

At that time you have to keep putting that 1000 Rs

How long do you have to keep investing

this is a SIP strategy, it is for the long term

for example you can do SIP for 1 year, 2 year, 3 years

So when you have planned for SIP

suppose you will do SIP for one year

then when you see the market inside a dip

You see your favorite altcoin in the dip

Now we will keep putting that 1000 Rs continuously

By which what will happen, you will get a DCA here

Doller Cost Averaging

Because you have invested in your coin

every time you see it in the dip

Your average buying will also come out

and at the end you will have more profit

Let me explain you through an example

So suppose coin is DOT (Polkadot)

In Polkadot you feel that this coin can go well in future

Polkadot is a coin with a lot of potential according to me

So if you talk about Polkadot, you have planned that I do SIP

then for SIP, you have invested around $25 inside Polkadot

some for around $21

some for around $17

 After four months, if you see Polkadot on $13

then you can also invest something around $13

So what will happen with this that

at the end of your average buying will come out

around 17 or 18 dollar

Your average buying will come out

I guess my expectation is that Polkadot 

can easily be found here for around 200, 250 or 300 dollars within the next couple of years

So if Polkadot performs as well

then you imagine that you have picked Polkadot above the average price around 18, 20 dollars

After two or three years, if Polkadot performs very well

then how much profit can you make?


 So you have to use this strategy

from which you can gain maximum profit

And this SIP, it works the same not only in our crypto but also in banks.

So if you have ever got a SIP done in the bank

then you can take an idea from there too

And it works very beautifully for crypto

Now lets talk about in which coins you should do SIP

So, don't choose one or two coins for SIP

You can choose at least 5, 7 or 10 coins also

The reason is that suppose even if one or two of your coins do not perform well

then the rest of your coins should give you profit

So for that at least you can choose a coin up to 5 6 7 or 10

Let's talk about which coin you should do SIP in

then for me the best altcoins to do SIP are

Polkadot, Chainlink, FTT, BTT coin, Solana coin

These are some 5 coins in which you can go for SIP

because potentially these projects are very good

Their team works very well

and according to you, whatever project you see with potential

whose future is looking good to you

you can choose a coin for yourself according to your study and research

So according to me SIP strategy is very interesting strategy

and I think you should use that

And with this you can easily make your money 10x, 20x, even 30x

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